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Don’t miss our gift and garden shop where you’ll find a wonderful hand-picked selection of quality Australian-made gifts and garden books plus an extensive range of beautiful *AridSmart plants for your garden. AridSmart plants are special because they are sourced from some of Australia’s most remote arid regions especially for the Garden’s own collection.

*AridSmart Plants are:

Plants Available

All stock in 75mm Tubes (unless specified) are $6.95 ea – wholesale and bulk orders please contact for pricing.


Plants become the responsibility of the customer as soon as they leave the nursery and we accept no responsibility whatsoever as to loss or damage, particularly due to delays in delivery of orders as they are beyond our control.

Plants can be ordered through our AridSmart Nursery:
Phone: (08) 8641 9056
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Download a printable copy of the plant list: December 2020 Plant Availability 687KB

Eremophila biserrata 3m wide hardy groundcover, yellow/green flowers and a purple stripe from late Spring to mid-Summer
Eremophila glabra ‘Amber Carpet’ (image) 2m wide, orange flowers in spring and autumn
Eremophila serpens (image) 2m, yellow/green/purple flowers for much of the year
Eremophila subteretifolia 3m wide, orange/red flowers Spring to Summer
Goodenia varia low groundcover, yellow flowers in spring and summer
Myoporum parvifolium broad green leaf Broad, Green leaf - 3m wide, white spotted flowers Spring to Summer
Myoporum parvifolium purpurea fine purple leaf Fine purple leaf - 3m wide, pink flowers spring to summer
Small Shrubs (up to 1m high)
Ajuga australis (image) 1m x 1m perennial herb with deep blue flowers in Spring and Summer
Boronia crenulata 1m Small compact shrub with aromatic leaves with pink flowers most of the year
Dipteracanthus australasicus ssp australasicus 0.5m x 1.5m shrub with blue petunia like flowers in late Summer to mid Spring
Eremophila ‘Augusta Storm’ (image) Hardy compact shrub to 0.5m x 2m small hardy shrub, plum coloured flowers for much of the year
Eremophila calcicola formerly Parmango Road 0.5m x 1.5m shrub with green flowers throughout the year
Eremophila decipiens 1-2m small shrub with red flowers in spring and summer. Drought & Lime tolerant
Eremophila decipiens ssp. decipiens 1m x 1m shrub with red flowers spring and summer
Eremophila decipiens ssp. linearifolia 1m x 1m, red flowers spring and summer
Eremophila drummondii (low form) (image) 0.6m x 1.5m compact shrub with violet flowers in spring
Eremophila glabra ssp. carnosa 1m very hardy low spreading shrub with showy orange-red flowers from winter to spring
Eremophila glabra ssp tomentosa ‘Murchison Magic’ 1m x 1m upright shrub, grey leafed scarlet flowers late Autumn to mid Summer
Eremophila glabra ‘Brice’ 1m x 1m compact shrub with lime/green flowers most of the year
Eremophila glabra ‘Canning Stock Route’ 1.5m shrub with pinkish red flowers amongst silvery foliage
Eremophila glabra ‘Ceduna’ 1m small hardy shrub with dark orange-red flowers for most of the year
Eremophila glabra ‘Inland’ 1m x 1m hardy shrub with soft, grey leaves and orangey red flowers
Eremophila resinosa 0.75m x 0.7m Hardy, compact shrub with lilac flowers in Spring
Eremophila viridissima 0.3m x 1.5m small spreading upright shrub, distinctive green leaves and bright yellow flowers
Eremophila weldii 0.75m x 0.75m low shrub with lilac flowers from mid Winter to early Summer
Maireana sedifolia to 1m high, flowering may occur anytime
Ptilotus exaltatus 1m Shrub with pink flowers from Spring to Summer
Ptilotus nobilis 1m high, green/yellow interesting flowers Winter to Summer
Ptilotus obovatus (image) 1m x 1m dense shrub with masses of silvery pink flower heads in Spring
Rhagodia parabolica ‘Fragrant Saltbush’
1m high perennial understory shrub
Rhagodia spinescens 1m x 1m hardy shrub with attractive red berries in Summer
Senecio magnificus small shrub 1m high with bright yellow daisy flowers in spring and summer
Medium Shrubs (up to 2m high)
Alyogyne huegelii (blue) 2m x 2m shrub, blue flowers Winter to Summer
Alyogyne huegelii (lilac/pink) (image)
2m x 2m shrub, lilac/pink flowers Winter to Summer
Eremophila ferricola ‘Tallering Peak’
1.5m spreading shrub with green flowers in Spring to Summer
Eremophila maculata Pale Pink
2m x 2m shrub, small pale pink flowers Autumn to Summer
Eremophila splendens x calorhabdos ‘Red Splendour’
1.2m x 1.2m compact shrub with bright red flowers in Spring and Summer
Gossypium sturtianum (image)
1.5m x 1.5m, compact shrub with showy mauve flowers Spring to Summer
Myoporum brevipes 2m x 2m with white flowers Spring to Summer
Large Shrubs (over 2m high)
Atriplex nummularia 2.5m x 3m dense shrub, great for hedging in dry areas
Eremophila arachnoides 3m x 2m Large shrub with white to mauve flowers from Spring
Eremophila denticulata (image) 2.5m x 1.5m fast growing shrub with dark pink/red flowers in Spring and Summer
Eremophila denticulata x calorhabdos (image) 2-3m x 1.5m bright pink flowers from Spring to Summer
Santalum spicatum ‘Sandalwood’ 4m small fragrant tree. Grows best with a host plant (Sold in olive pots $15.00 each)