Birds & Wildlife

a male and a female fairy wren perched on a large rock

Fairy Wrens (male & female)

A Bird’s Paradise at the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden

The AALBG is home to many species of birds. The first bird survey done at the site in 1987 recorded 137 species and since then the number has increased to 150 at last count.

As the garden grows in strength and matures, with more plants and thicker growth, the bird numbers will continue to grow.

Birds can be spotted all over the garden but we also provide two birdhides for those wanting to patiently wait for just the right bird.  If you call into the gift shop, be sure to ask them about the “Birds of the Australian Arid Lands Botanical Garden” book which they have for sale. This book provides information about a lot of the birds found in the garden & where they are likely to be seen. This book was produced by Peter Langdon & Brian Reichelt, both “Friends of the AALBG”, with proceeds going to the Friends group for projects in the garden.

Other Wildlife

The AALBG is also home to a variety of animals such as goannas, lizards, snakes, various mammals etc. See below for links to a Mammal Survey and a Reptiles & Amphibians Survey done at AALBG in 2014.