Conference Facilities – Evaluation Form

Booking / Function Information

The Room

1. How did you find the overall appearance of the room? (Cleanliness, décor etc.)

Very Appealing Very Unappealing

2. Were the temperature and air quality comfortable?

Very Comfortable Very Uncomfortable

Staff Services

3. Was the staff member who discussed arrangements / made your booking helpful and courteous?

Very Helpful / Courteous Not Helpful / Courteous

4. Did we get it right?

Yes, well organised No, poorly organised

5. Were staff helpful on the day of the event / function?

Yes, very helpful No, not helpful

The Equipment

6. Please tick the equipment you used during your event / function

7. Did you receive appropriate instruction for the use of the equipment?

8. Did everything work as expected?

Yes, very helpful No, not helpful

9. Please list any equipment you would like to see offered in the future

Food Service

10. Please rate the taste & quality of the food served (if applicable):

Delicious Terrible

11. Tell us your reaction to the presentation of your food:

Attractively done Messy

Your Overall Experience

12. Are you likely to choose the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden for future events/functions?

Absolutely Not likely

13. Do you feel the services, equipment & facilities represent a good value for money?

Worth the money Overly expensive

Thank you for your feedback – we look forward to seeing you again.